and beard design

Preobrazhensky Academy, Odessa

Teacher: Andrey Toropov – Founder and top master of Preobrazhensky BRO

  • July 12, 2019, from 10:00 to 19:00
  • 2800 ₴
  • Preobrazhensky Arcadia, Odessa, Genuezskaya street, 5

Teaches Fade and Beard Design

Andrey Toropov

Founder and top master
of Preobrazhensky BRO

Work experience: 5 years

  • Ideally owns the techniques of “shading” and “fade”
  • 1st place in the Fade Nomination at the All-Ukrainian Barber Battle in Odessa
  • Trained at the London Menspire Barbers Academy with Josh Lamonaka
  • Took personal training with Stas Korystov, Sergey Shapochka, and Mr. Official
  • In 2018 he opened the Preobrazhensky BRO barbershop where he continues to work and teach

At the master class you will learn:

  • Fading Techniques
  • Various kinds of fades
  • Selection of a specific type of fade based on the initial data of the client: bone structure, type of face
  • Finalization of the fade with scissors
  • Short-haired fade
  • Medium-haired fade
  • Execution Algorithms
  • Beard
  • Types (models of beards)
  • Smooth mixing of temples (smooth transition from haircut to beard)
  • Mustache design
  • Silhouette, beard shape
  • Lines
  • Shaving preparation
  • Shaving
  • Refinement after shaving to the final result

The master class consists of 3.5 hours of demonstration and 4.5 hours of practice: 2 hours of demo fade and 2.5 hours of practice, 1.5 hours of demo beard and 2 hours of practice.

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