Course from scratch
2 months barbering

After 29 lessons you will complete tasks
of any complexity and will be able to work
in the best barbershops of Ukraine.

About the course

Even if robots replace half of the professions, they will never repeat the manual work of a barber. Each of us has a completely different head shape, growth and hair structure. A haircut is an individual look, creativity, and sometimes a reasonable violation of the rules.

In the course we teach all aspects of the barber’s work: from the shortest to elongated haircuts, the design of beards of different lengths, shaving, working with a razor, scissors, different types of trimmers. By the end of the course you will know all the techniques, technologies of haircuts, building shapes and silhouettes.

When the niche of barbers will be full, by this moment you will already have experience and a client base with which you can work in any barbershop of the city or open your own barbershop.


3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 15:00


14 demonstrations from top masters who are the strongest in their topic, and 40 workouts


We recruit no more than 10 people for the course to pay attention to everyone.

How much do barbers earn in Ukraine

The average earnings of an experienced barber —

$80-100/ day

The beginner master earns $20-30 per day.

in which the graduates of Preobrazhensky Academy work



Mane’s club








Mr. Solomon


Central Barbershop


36 people attended the course

The way the training goes:

Demonstration + training

After the master demonstrates the topic of the lesson, the same day the group works out the material on the models.

Practice on the topic

The next lesson after the demonstration with practicing is two practicing on a given topic. We sharpen our skill and fix the technique.

Exam + certification

At the end of the course we conduct an exam and present the Academy diplomas. We hire the best graduates and recommend them to the leading barbershops of the country.

75% of the course - practice

On the course you will learn

  • The history and theoretical foundations of barbering
  • Standards and methods of working with tools in a barbershop
  • Haircuts of various techniques
  • Basic shapes and geometry of men's haircuts
  • Royal Shaving Technique
  • Beard and mustache technique
  • Psychological techniques in working with a client
  • Selection of haircuts taking into account the features of the shape of the head and face of the client
  • Features of barber cosmetics and professional products

And most importantly, how to make the barber’s profession a hobby that will bring the desired income.

The price includes:

  • Professionally equipped workplace in a separate room of the barber shop Preobrazhensky Arcadia
  • Complete barber tool set
  • Men's cosmetics and professional equipment
  • Assistance in the selection of models from the models search coordinator of the Academy
  • Academy Diploma

19 900₴ for
29 lessons

Reserve a place in the group

Academy teachers

Ivan Studnikov

Top master and Art Director of Preobrazhensky Arcadia

Work experience: 5 years

  • One of the first barbers of Odessa, he worked as the managing director and a senior master in the first barbershop of Odessa
  • The co-organizer and the host of Barber Connect Odessa
  • Trained at the London Menspire Barbers Academy with Josh Lamonaka
  • Trained at Mr. Official, Sergey Shapochka, ClipperKillah and other top masters of the CIS countries

Andrey Toropov

Founder of
Preobrazhensky BRO

Work experience: 5 years

  • Ideally owns the techniques of “shading” and “fade”
  • 1st place in the Fade Nomination at the All-Ukrainian Barber Battle in Odessa
  • Trained at the London Menspire Barbers Academy with Josh Lamonaka
  • Trained at the workshops of Stas Korystov, Sergey Shapochka, and Mr. Official
  • In 2018 he opened Preobrazhensky BRO barbershop where he continues to work and teach

Sergey Adisanov

Lecturer at the Barber School Preobrazhensky Academy

Work experience: 13 years

  • An experienced, talented craftsman with a modern look. An artist in the art of barbering.
  • Studied at the UKTiSU Odessa.
  • Was on advanced training at the Moscow master Dima Bolotov, the British masters Robert Braid and James Beaumont.

Dasha Ta ti

Top master Preobrazhensky Arcadia

Work experience: 5 years

  • Silver medalist in the category "MODERN" Barber Connect 2019.
  • Every year he undergoes personal training from top masters from all over the world.

Misha Yushchen

Lecturer at the Barber School Preobrazhensky Academy

Work experience: 3 years

  • A talented and skillful barber with fresh looks.
  • Graduated from the MARAMAX Academy and the Preobrazhensky Academy of Barbers.
  • Studied with Maxim Nikitochkin, Marina Kanikovskaya, Andrey Dragomiretsky, Denis Plokhotnyuk and Vani Lyuty.

Nikita Soloviev

Top master of the Preobrazhensky barbershop network

Work experience: 3

  • Dedicated to barbering from the age of 16
  • Annually increases the qualification level at top masters of the CIS and the UK

Danil Kramarenko

Lecturer at the Barber School Preobrazhensky Academy

Work experience: 2 years

  • Creative barber practicing Hair tattoo (art haircut with a short base and creative patterns).
  • Successfully graduated from the Preobrazhensky Academy of Barbering.
  • Studied with Vasily Pisarenko, Roman Kob and Aleksanr Bratanov.

Course program

We start the program with simple basic haircuts and complicate the tasks as you gain experience. By the end of the course you are a ready-made master who is able to start working in a barbershop.

Frequently asked questions

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