Extra Long Haircuts (LAYERS | GRADATION)

Preobrazhensky Academy, Odessa

Teaches Ivan Studnikov – top master of the Preobrazhensky barbershop network

  • March 2, 2020, from 10:00 to 19:30
  • 2500 ₴
  • 2300 ₴ at the mark in the social networks
  • 1 500 ₴ look & learn demo only, no practice
  • Preobrazhensky Arcadia, Odessa, st. Genoese 5

Haircuts (Layers. Gradation)

Ivan Studnikov

Top master and art director Preobrazhensky Arcadia

Experience: 5 years

  • One of the first barbers of Odessa, worked as the managing director and senior master in the first barbershop of Odessa
  • Co-organizer and host of Barber Connect Odessa
  • Took personal training with Mr.Official, Josh Lamonaca, Sergey Shapochka, ClipperKillah, Black barber, Robert Braid, James Beaumont.
  • Translator at workshops and events

At the master class

  • Shapes and silhouettes of elongated men's haircuts
  • Techniques of execution: line, gradation, layers
  • Individual selection of a specific haircut for a client based on initial data: bone structure, type of face
  • Combination of forms and techniques
  • Execution sequence
  • Division into zones and sections
  • Use of machines in extended haircuts
  • Fringing lines
  • Styling, the use of various styling: classic haircuts, haircuts in the "modern" style
  • Working with photography on models
Master Class Plan:

10.00-12.30 first demo

12.30-13.30 break

13.30-16.00 second demo

16.00-16.30 break

16.30-19.30 working out

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